Formation Suits

The LOPO is our fast falling option (LOPO stands for Low Porosity) The zero-P front allows the suit to slip through the air with little resistance. The LOPO is for light to medium weight jumpers who want to fall fast .

The POLY is the same design as the LOPO but with Poly-Cotton front panels - this creates a medium fall rate.

The POLY is for medium to heavier jumpers who want, or need, to slow their fall-rate down a bit - or for lightweight jumpers who want a 'Big way' suit, or AFF instructors to jump with lightweight students.

The EXCEL is our full-spec Competition suit - it's based on the LOPO but comes with all the options included plus others like double arm grips, longer inside knee grips, Cordura Mega Booties, padded knees and elbow and a Coolmax comfort lining, plus some beefed up seams.

The SLOWPO is our suit for the Heavy jumper who really needs to slow down. This suit is a different design with no spandex and a baggy cut with a zero-P lining which creates a semi inflation, and lots of lift.

Our SLOWPO suit receives more plaudits from satisfied customers than any of our suit designs - because it works!

The SLOWPO is a looser fit, but not massively baggy suit - the secret to its success lies in the zero porosity lining we build into all the back or rear areas, plus the forearms and legs.

The air gets into the suit but can't escape, so we achieve a semi-inflation of the suit resulting in a slower fall rate as you've discovered.

Please do not put your credit card information on the order forms (we are in the process of updating them). After you have sent your order form in, we will email you an invoice that will allow you to make payment by bank transfer or credit card by following an online link.