We offer embroidery on our suits and as a standalone service for other garments. Choose from a range of pre-digitised options (including many skydiving brands), or send your own artwork and we will digitise it for embroidery.


Have your name embroidered on the collar or chest. Choose your font from the document on the right.

If this option is not shown on the order form for the suit or product you are looking at, please write in the special requests box or contact us.

Available Embroidery Fonts.pdf

On File Logos

We have a number of logos on file, including many of the major skydiving manufacturers, ideal for sponsored athletes and teams who want to have their sponsors logos on their jumpsuit. Please ensure you have permission from any brand to use their logo.

These logos at a size of 8 cm x 8 cm, and are typically placed on the #8 panel of the FS suit (torso and thigh).

Custom Embroidery

Please send us your artwork (png, jpeg, bmp, eps, cdr) for custom embroidery. To embroidery custom artwork, it first needs to be turned into a sequence of stitches, a manual process known as "digitisation". Artwork digitisation is an additional £15 on top of the cost of the embroidery. The cost of the embroidery will depend on the complexity and stitch count - we will be happy to provide a no obligation quote if you email us your artwork.

We can also do embroidery onto other garments - a great option if you're considering getting team suits and team jackets, as you'll only need to pay 1 setup / digitisation fee per logo, and no setup fees for any sponsor logos that we already hold on file.

Embroidery Locations and Sizes

Whilst we can theoretically add embroidery anywhere, the following locations are usually the most appropriate considering visibility and longevity:

The ideal sizes and space available for each location will vary a little between suits based on measurements and features, however the image to the right gives an indication of typical sizes for embroidery in each area.