Instructor Suit

For Instructors & Coaches

Our instructor suit is a mix and match 2 piece combination, with a range of options suited to the working coach, instructor, or camera flyer. Ideal if you often switch between different types of jumping (camera, tandem, AFF, coaching) or want to easily cool off between jumps.

2 Piece Instructor Suit

For Display Teams

Our instructor suit is also perfectly suited to professional display teams, with a variety of colours and design options available, along with custom embroidery and specialised features such as fireproof lower legs for protection against smokes.

Order Forms

Individual order forms are available for each piece, download and fill out the order forms for the parts you want. If you order 3 or more parts, a 10% discount will be applied to the whole order (including additional accessories ordered at the same time)

Options Guide

There are a wide variety of options available on our suits, and we are happy to try to accommodate special requests. Here are some of the most popular options on our instructor suit, but please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have questions, or see your local dealer.

Fall Rate

We use a combination of appropriate materials and fit to help you achieve your desired fall rate. If you require anything specific in this area, please note it in the special instructions box (e.g. a super loose fit, double layered material for additional drag, or spandex arms to reduce drag)

Zipped Flares

These allow you the option to quickly change the fall rate / drag of your suit by zipping away or opening up additional material, effectively making that area of the suit tighter or looser. Ideal for AFF instructors who a jumping with different students throughout the day.


Our FS grips are the same solid, rounded grips found on our FS suit. Flat grips are "freefly style" grips which sit much flatter and are less bulky.


Coolmax lining inside the suit can help you stay cooler in the heat (keeping your skin away from the outer layer of the suit) and warmer in the cold (additional layer). Fleece lining will keep you toasty warm in the winter (but will add some bulk to the suit and slow your fall rate slightly).

Please note that fleece lined suits may be subject to a longer lead time. Please contact us to check.


Jackets include one inside chest pocket. Additional pockets can be added on the chest and arms.

Trousers include non zipped (jeans style) pockets. Additional pockets can be added on the thighs.

Please indicate pocket instructions under "Special Instructions" on the order form

Special Requests

There is space on the order form to add any additional special requests. We are always happy to discuss any special requests you have - our production team are based in the same building as our admin staff in Kent, so we can easily discuss or pass on special requests to production without anything being "lost in translation".  You can even visit us and meet the admin and production staff to discuss your requirements in person (please get in touch to arrange an appointment)

Examples of options available via special instruction:

Some special requests will incur additional cost depending on the additional time and/or materials required. The list above is not exhaustive, and we'd be glad to talk through any other ideas or requirements you may have.