Has your suit seen better days? Need replacement booties? Get in touch for a quote for a repair.

We repair Symbiosis Suits and other brands - just note that we are less likely to stock an exact material and colour match for a different brand suit, and certain repairs may take longer depending on the construction of the suit.

Repairs are charged based on the time taken and the materials used. For some repairs we may offer you multiple options at varying costs and results (e.g. patch vs. panel replacement). Please email us with photos and a description of the work required and we will provide an estimate of the cost and/or a list of options for the repair.

We aim to turn repairs around as quickly as possible so you're not without your suit, but turnaround time can vary at busy times. Please ask for current turnaround times if you require your suit back quickly.


We can also make modifications and updates to suits (our brand or otherwise), please get in touch for a quote.

Sample Pricing

Replace Bootie Soles: £40

Replace Booties: £75

Body Zip Replacement: £50

Pop Stud Replacement (male & female part): £10