Has your suit seen better days? Need replacement booties? Get in touch for a quote for a repair.

We repair Symbiosis Suits and other brands - just note that we are less likely to stock an exact material and colour match for a different brand suit, and certain repairs may take longer depending on the construction of the suit.

Please email us with photos and a description of the work required and we will provide a quote. For some repairs we may offer you multiple options at varying costs and results (e.g. patch vs. panel replacement)

We aim to turn repairs around as quickly as possible so you're not without your suit, but turnaround time can vary at busy times. Please ask for current turnaround times if you require your suit back quickly.

Before sending your suit to us, please wash your suit! We will charge you an extra fee if your suit requires cleaning before being passed to the production team, and this will add approximately 2 week on to any quoted lead time.

Modifications & Alterations

We can also make modifications and updates to suits (our brand or otherwise), please get in touch for a quote.

Typical Repair Costs

Sample Pricing

These prices are an indication of the typical cost of a repair, but do not constitute quotes. Certain suit designs may take more time to repair, which will result in a higher cost.

Alterations under warranty

Whilst we cannot provide any legally binding warranty on our products, we do have a strong commitment to ensuring that your suit fits and functions properly.

If you have received your suit and found that there is an issue with the fit, please follow the procedures below:

Direct Orders

Please contact us directly with photos of you wearing your suit, a description of the problem, and a new set of measurements for problem areas. Please do not return the suit until we have confirmed we have all the information we need to alter the suit, otherwise we may not be able to make the correct adjustments. Sending a suit back prior to confirmation from us may result in additional postage or alterations at your cost.

If we have made a mistake when measuring you or constructing the suit then the alterations will be at our cost. If you have provided incorrect measurements then you will be liable for the alteration costs and postage costs.

Dealer Orders

Please contact your dealer in the first instance. We may often advise direct contact between us and you after this to ensure a quick resolution to your problem, however your dealer should be your first point of contact. Any charges for alterations will typically be agreed between you and your dealer.