Designer & Colours

We are currently building our new website with interactive ordering and colouring. In the meantime we have pdf outlines that you can download and colour in. Crayons are acceptable and encouraged, happy designing! Please see below for applicable colour restrictions.


Most of our colours are a good match between materials and are available across the whole suit, however some colours and areas are slightly more restricted. 

Our priority is building high quality robust suits, and occasionally this results in limited colour availability - we do not compromise build quality for colour availability.

Fast Fall Rate Body (Taffeta)

The body (panels 8 & 9) of our fast fall rate suit is made of a slippery "Taffeta" material. We currently don't have this material available in Grey, Royal Blue or White. White is expected back in stock early 2021, however Grey and Royal Blue are likely to be unavailable for longer as they have been discontinued by our supplier, and the process for finding and testing new materials takes many months.

Booties (Cordura / 1000D Nylon)

Our booties are made from a 1000 Denier Nylon which is currently only available in Black, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Red, Yellow and Purple.

If you would like booties in another colour, we can make booties from Polycotton, however this will reduce the drag that the bootie produces. Polycotton is usually available in all colours


We currently have no grey "Taffeta" which is used on the body of fall fall rate FS suits (panels 8 & 9). Unfortunately we do not expect this to be available for the foreseeable future

The spandex (stretch) grey we currently hold is a very light "silver" grey. We have 2 shades of grey Polycotton, both of which are notably darker than the spandex, so fully grey suits will be notably "2 tone". Please see photos of the materials on the right along with mock ups of how these might look on a suit.

Average / Slow fall rate Light Grey

Average / Slow fall rate Dark Grey

Fast Fall rate Light Grey

Fast Fall rate Dark Grey

Jade, Light Blue, Light Purple

The shades between different green materials varies a little. Please see the photo for an idea of the difference or see your local dealer for colour swatches.

Pink, Burgundy, White

We have pink polycotton in 2 shades ("Raspberry" and "Baby" pink). The locations these are available depend on the type of suit, as shown in the images below.

We also have pink binding tape and thread available, so pink can be used for piping, grip tape and contrast stitching.

Our default pink is the raspberry pink as shown in the colour grid at the top of the page. If you would prefer "baby pink", please note this in special requests on the order form.

Burgundy and white currently have similar availability to pink

Average / slow fall rate pink locations

Fast fall rate pink locations

Additional Colour options


By default your suit will be symmetrical, however you can opt for different colours left and right side. There is no additional charge for asymmetry on one panel, however more than 1 panel will cost an additional £15 (for as many asymmetrical panels as you would like). Please write "L" and "R" in the colour boxes on the order form.

Female fit suits

The #8 panel on a female fit suit is 2 separate panels. You can request these 2 panels to be different colours (no charge) - on the order form, 8a is the middle panel (8 is the outer panel).

We can also add piping between the panels - enter this in special requests.


We will typically select a logo colour to match the rest of the suit, however you can request your choice of logo colour (subject to availability)

Clearance Colours

We have a number of discontinued colours available in certain materials. A suit ordered primarily with these materials will attract a 20% discount when ordered at special events. Please contact us for more information.