Our camera suit is based on the same 40 years design and development of our flagship FS suit, giving the same comfort, performance and build quality as is expected of all of our products. 

The wings are constructed of multiple layers to give a highly effective performance and excellent longevity, without the need for an excessively large surface area.

The wings are an integral part of the suit build, and are reinforced from the inside, giving unmatched strength whilst retaining a clean external profile.

Our camera jacket combines the comfort and fit of our new jacket design, with the performance of the camera wings from our well established camera suit, to give a versatile product which is ideal for the working skydiver who may need to switch between disciplines each jump.

Available with clips or RSL shackles, the wing can be set up to attach to your desired location on the hip ring, leg strap, or trousers.

Our future plan is to develop and release our new sit fly camera wing, with the top edge mounted forward on the arm for a consistent shape while sit flying.