Our formation skydiving suit is the backbone of what we do and our pattern has been refined over 30 years to bring you a suit that combines comfort, style and performance.

We can provide for a variety of fall rates to fit any skydivers needs. Fast fall is a taffeta/ripstop front, which is zero porosity, allowing the suit to slip through the air with little resistance. For an average fall rate, we use a polycotton front, perfect for a range of jumping and sizes. The polycotton front works medium to heavier jumpers who want, or need, to slow their fall-rate down a bit - or for lightweight jumpers who want a 'Big way' suit, or AFF instructors to jump with lightweight students.

Our new range of suits has reinforcements in all the places you want them, inside pockets on all suits, and booties included in the base price. We've also been revamping our fabrics, finding resilient choices in the best colours.

Our slow fall rate suit is for the Heavy jumper who really needs to slow down. The slow fall suit is a looser fit, but not massively baggy suit - the secret to its success lies in the zero porosity lining we build into all the back or rear areas, plus the forearms and legs.

Our slow fall suit receives more plaudits from satisfied customers than any of our suit designs - because it works! The air gets into the suit but can't escape, so we achieve a semi-inflation of the suit resulting in a slower fall rate.

For competitors, we suggest the options you would need for a competition suit -such as double arm grips, inside knee grips, Cordura Mega Booties, padded knees and elbows and a Coolmax comfort lining.

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