Our formation skydiving suit is our flagship product. Our pattern has been refined over 40 years to bring you a  suit that combines comfort, style and performance.

Our latest revision includes all the options you need for a great all round FS suit in the base price, with a variety of options available for specific uses and for extra personalisation.

Our company was founded by, and is still run by, avid FS jumpers. Combined with the feedback from our amazing team of sponsored athletes, this gives us a unique ability to continually refine our designs to meet the current demands of every FS jumper, from the new A licence jumper working towards FS1, through to the highest level 4 way competitors and bigway record holders.

We use a carefully crafted combination of materials and fit to offer 4 unique fall rates, from the "fast" suit for lighter weight jumpers, through to our "extra slow" option for heavier bigway jumpers.

We pride ourselves on our expertise and customer service, so if you are thinking of ordering a suit but you're not sure what options to choose, please get in touch and we'll be happy to talk you through the possibilities. We also have a network of experienced dealers around the UK and Europe who can provide advice and take your measurements.

We have a variety of options which are available by special request - most of these can be found below.

Retail Price: £750

Options Guide

There are a wide variety of options available on our suits, and we are happy to try to accommodate special requests. Here are some of the most popular options on our FS suits, but please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have questions, or see your local dealer.

If you are familiar with our old suits, you may want to check out our options history guide, which details the transition of our suits since 2018 and will help you find the new equivalents of old options.

Fall Rate

If you are unsure what fall rate suit you require, speak to your instructor / coach. Each of our fall rate options (fast, average, slow or extra slow) result in a suit constructed of different materials to assist you towards your target fall rate.


Booties add additional drag to your lower leg / foot, providing you with more power and control from your leg inputs. 

Our standard booties are constructed from a stiff, high drag material (1000D woven Nylon), resulting in more drag and therefore more power.

Smaller polycotton booties can be ordered by special request, are made from a softer material and are slightly smaller than our standard mega bootie.

Booties can be ordered with an elasticated back only, where the bootie is slipped on over the toe, or with a zip and popper at the side which allows for easier putting on and removal. The elasticated bootie is the one we typically recommend, as it results in a shape which gives a more refined control surface.


1 pocket is included as standard on each suit, by default inside the chest of the suit. Additional pockets can be added at extra cost, and can be in almost any location, including:

The standard pocket size is approximately 10cm x 15cm. Depending on available space, pockets can normally be upgraded to extra large pockets at no additional cost.

Knee / elbow padding

Exactly what it says on the tin. Knee padding is recommended for anyone who spends time on their knees (instructors, jumpmasters) and/or those who keep their suit on whilst packing. Elbow padding is useful for anyone who finds themselves in regular contact with the walls in the wind tunnel!

On our fast and average suits, the foam will be cut to shape around the knee and maintain a slick profile in the wind. On our slow and extra slow suits, the kneepads will be designed to create a slightly higher drag area around the lower thigh and knee.

Arm Grips

A single arm grip is adequate for most scenarios, and grips are long enough for the occasional circumstances where 2 people are sharing a grip. Double arm grips are possible by special request.

Leg Grips

Our suits come as standard with grips on the inside and outside of each leg. Our inside leg grips are positioned slightly back on the leg to make them easier to walk in on the ground, and we also offer a slightly smaller version.

Coolmax mesh lining

Additional lining inside the suit which can help stay cooler in the heat (keeping your skin away from the outer layer of the suit) and warmer in the cold (additional layer). This option is especially useful on fast fall rate suits (which have a taffeta front body), or for suits with embroidery on the body, as they provide a comfort layer.

Special Requests

There is space on the order form to add any additional special requests. We are always happy to discuss any special requests you have - our production team are based in the same building as our admin staff, so we can easily discuss or pass on special requests to production without anything being "lost in translation".  You can even visit us and meet the admin and production staff to discuss your requirements in person (please get in touch to arrange an appointment)

Examples of options available via special request:

Most special requests will incur additional cost depending on the additional time and/or materials required. The prices given here are for indicative purposes only and are subject to change.

The list above is not exhaustive, and we'd be glad to talk through any other ideas or requirements you may have.